SPAWN Gaming Big
Spawn Calling Series White
April 14, 2020
Gear Shifter Mount
June 11, 2020

Racing Simulator Cockpit

Adjustable Fiberglass Bucket Seat: glides forward & back and reclines to offer the key element of the ideal driving position over long gaming hours
Adjustable Steering Wheel Plate: adjusts up/down & forward/back
Adjustable Pedal Mount(Plate): enables tilting and forward-back location conforming to your body for optimum support
Aerodynamic Chassis Profile: for stability
High Quality Powder-Coated Finish: prevents scratches and rust

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Dimensions: 600×1285~1515x1160mm
Weight Capacity: 100kg
Seat Width: 460mm
Seat Gliding Track: 220mm
Seat Height Range: 25mm
Seat Back Tilt Range: +6°~-6°
Steering Wheel Panel Tilt Range: +25°~-35°
Pedal Panel Tilt Range: 0°/15°/27°
Cable Management: Yes